Admissions Process

We are currently accepting applications
for Grades 4 through 10 for the 2021—22 academic year.

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Admission Management

The procedure for admitting a student is as follows:


Schools Admissions officer sets Admission window. Information provided here will be publicly available on the website. Information that will be provided include:
  • Application Window (Start and End Dates)
  • Fee Payment Deadline


Parent / Guardian creates an account on the system (if he / she does not already have one) and requests for an application token.


System sends a text message to the parent / guardian with the generated application token.


Parent / Guardian completes application form. The application token can be used to track the progress of the application from that point.


Admissions officer is prompted/notified to work on the application after submission.


Admission officer sets date for interview or entrance exam (if required)


System notifies parent / guardian of the date by sms and email.


Admissions officer indicates the admission decision.
  • Accept
  • Reject
  • Wait List


System notifies parent / guardian of the decision by sms and email. Notification for successful applicants will include the fee payment details and the deadline for payment.


System generates index/student number for applicant and adds name to appropriate class list after payment of the fees is confirmed.

Online Application

Online Application Information required

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  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Basic Information

Academic Information
Previous School(s) Attended (Allow Multiple entries)
Medical Information
Special Medication
Immunization History (Only for applicants below 6 years)
Vaccines Waived
Family Doctor and Health Facility Details

Guardian Information
Do you have another ward in our school?
If yes, enter only Guardian ID. If No, provide the following:
Other Information

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